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 Featured Capabilities
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
HPLC / GPC at 150C
High Temperature Testing
3,000 F Static and Fatigue Testing with Hydraulic Grips
Scanning Electron Microscopy With EDX Analyzer
Contamination Analysis, Chemical analysis on microscopic particles, Surface analysis, Failure analysis
Thermal Bench System
DSC, TMA, TGA, DMA for Thermal Analysis
Thermal Outgassing
For determination of TML, CVCM & WVR
Thermal Oxidative Stability
Per G.E. Aircraft Engines
X-Ray Fluorescence
Plating thickness measurements, Chemical composition analysis
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Mechanical Testing
 Mechanical properties of advanced composites, structural adhesives, thermoplastic composites, engineered thermoplastics, elastomers, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and special structures are measured.
 Capabilities include measuring tensile, flexural, compression including modulus and strain, impact, damage tolerance, proof loading including hydrostatic, beam test, short beam shear; adhesive tests for metal to metal peel, climbing drum peel, shear properties, plating thickness measurement, and many more.
 Tests can be performed at temperatures ranging from** -320F to 1000F. Strain gauging or mechanical strain measurements for Poisons ratio, hoop tests and other multi-strain point measurements are available.
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 Available Capabilities
Bend Testing
Compression Testing
Flexural Testing
Hardness Testing
Impact Testing
Mechanical Tests
Peel Testing
Shear Testing
Tear Testing
Tensile Testing
Weld Certification
 Equipment Capabilities
1.5K ShoreWestern Loadframe
10K Instron Hydralic Computerized Loadframes
110K Pegasus Loadframe
20K Instron Hydralic Computerized Loadframes
20K MTS Computerized Loadframes
250K MTS Loadframe
30K United Loadframes
33K Instron Computerized Loadframes
55/220K Hydralic Loadframe
55K MTS Computerized Loadframes
55K Satec Hydralic Loadframe
5K Instron Computerized Loadframes
60K United Loadframes
Loadframes are supported with Circulating Ovens and Furnaces with a temperature range -320F - 3000F
TMI Computerized Impact Tester
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