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High Performance Liquid Chromatography
HPLC / GPC at 150C
High Temperature Testing
3,000 F Static and Fatigue Testing with Hydraulic Grips
Scanning Electron Microscopy With EDX Analyzer
Contamination Analysis, Chemical analysis on microscopic particles, Surface analysis, Failure analysis
Thermal Bench System
DSC, TMA, TGA, DMA for Thermal Analysis
Thermal Outgassing
For determination of TML, CVCM & WVR
Thermal Oxidative Stability
Per G.E. Aircraft Engines
X-Ray Fluorescence
Plating thickness measurements, Chemical composition analysis
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Automotive Testing
 Automotive Testing is meant to analyze the expected or actual reliability of automotive parts. Failure analysis and contamination analysis can also be provided.
 Automotive Testing includes bell housing testing by centrifugal exploding flywheels at ~12,000 RPM inside of the bell housings, testing blower restraints, driver restraints, window nets, drag boat capsules and transmission blankets, etc. Failure analysis can be performed using Scanning Electron Microscopy and XRay Fluorescence equipment.
 Test include testing of transmission blankets, restraint assembly, race car window net systems, fire extinguishers systems, lug nuts, lug bolts, harmonic dampers, bellhousings, and many more.
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Automotive Tests
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12,000 RPM Spin Tester
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