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High Performance Liquid Chromatography
HPLC / GPC at 150C
High Temperature Testing
3,000 F Static and Fatigue Testing with Hydraulic Grips
Scanning Electron Microscopy With EDX Analyzer
Contamination Analysis, Chemical analysis on microscopic particles, Surface analysis, Failure analysis
Thermal Bench System
DSC, TMA, TGA, DMA for Thermal Analysis
Thermal Outgassing
For determination of TML, CVCM & WVR
Thermal Oxidative Stability
Per G.E. Aircraft Engines
X-Ray Fluorescence
Plating thickness measurements, Chemical composition analysis
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Physical Testing
 Physical Testing is to determine physical properties of materials. Such properties include density (weight per unit volume of material), specific gravity (ratio of weight of a given volume of a certain material to that of the same volume of water at stated temperature), water absorption (moisture content may result in changes in dimensions or in properties such as electrical insulation resistance dielectric losses, mechanical strength and appearance.), and melt-flow rate (MFR) or melt volume-flow rate (MVR) (test measures the flow of a molten polymer through an extrusion plastometer under specific temperature and load conditions), surface rheology and analysis using Scanning electron Microscope, and electroplating thickness determination using X-Ray Fluorescence.
 Physical Testing of prepregs and composites includes specific gravity, resin content, fiber volume, flow, gel, tack, volatile content, plating thickness measurement using X-Ray Fluorescence, Barcol and Rockwell hardness and many others.
 Tests include specific gravity, resin content, fiber volume, flow, gel, tack, volatile content, barcol and rockwell hardness, Electron Microscopy, X-Ray Fluorescence, and many others.
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TA Thermal Bench (DSC, TGA, TMA)
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