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Per G.E. Aircraft Engines
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Plating thickness measurements, Chemical composition analysis
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Reliability Testing
 Reliability Testing is meant to analyze the expected or actual reliability of a product and identify actions, which should be taken in order to reduce the rate of failures. The goal is to test whether a product will remain reliable in it's intended environment over a required duration of time. This is accomplished with a step-stress method, which accelerates the normal ware of products or components in order to reveal design defects. You test a product until it fails. This allows you to evaluate what failed, when it failed, where the failure occurred as well as why it failed. This allows you to reduce product development time and improve product quality before going to market.
 Reliability Testing includes Accelerated testing (Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS)), vibration / shock testing, Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) and Accelerated Aging (AA).We perform these tests using a Qual Mark OVS-2.5 environmental chamber capable of temperature rates of change up to 70C per minute and tri-axial random vibration forces up to 60 gs.
 Tests include HALT / HASS, ESS, AA, vibration / shock testing and many more.
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Accerated Aging Testing
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Qual Mark HALT/HASS Chamber
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